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Will You Stay, or Will You Go?

Will You Stay, or Will You Go? Alison David Bird

This sensing and knowing that change is now upon you and this exhausting feeling that you are somehow stuck in limbo — unable to move forward even though that is your desire — are signs that you are experiencing the planet traversing the light fields (as the quantum separation of three-dimensional reality and the higher fifth dimension continues). Your consciousness is passing through a time portal, a wormhole, created in the fourth dimension in a process described as crossing the golden gate.

The golden gate, the rainbow bridge, the Ark of the Covenant — all mean that a light portal bridge has descended and has anchored in the second dimension. The Amenti stargate in the Agartha network is open and protected for a limited time for passage into the golden Andromeda complex of systems and stars, where Earth will come to rest in a corresponding fifth space-time light field.

Your increased awareness of the timelines as they stretch out before you demands that you choose now! Will you stay, or will you go?