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Benevolent Outcomes: Gratitude Comes Naturally in the Process

Benevolent Outcomes: Gratitude Comes Naturally in the Process Tom T. Moore

Christie writes: The last part of the MBO is to say thank you. I find that if I have many requests or when I become more regular in making my requests, my thank-yous can become assumptive or just an afterthought. Is this a mistake? Does the assumption turn a request into a demand and an afterthought offer no real gratitude? Would you comment further on the role of saying thank you in our MBOs? Even with the above, I am continually surprised at how beautifully the MBOs have affected my life. Thank you so much (and I say that with deep sincerity).

Tom replies: Christie, when I started requesting MBOs more than twenty years ago, I did not say thank you. I just requested the MBOs, as I was experimenting and didn't know how it would work. I had tried numerous modalities, and none worked very well, including the law of attraction. But requesting MBOs worked perfectly! I was so happy and appreciative to finally discover the perfect modality that I started thanking my guardian angel each time I made a request. Your guardian angels love you dearly and will respond to your requests even if you don't thank them. But if you start requesting a lot of MBOs, as I have, I think you will want to say thank you too!

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Leigh Ann writes: MBOs are easy and powerful. I have had great success using them. I just need to make requesting them a habit. I always do the daily mantra: "I expect great things today, great things tomorrow, and great things the rest of the week. Thank you." Whenever I use MBOs and BPs, great things happen.