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I Have Chosen You

I Have Chosen You Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I want to speak with you about what you see as a long time ago, but it is not. I want to go back 2,000 years when you walked with me, because truly you have walked with me. Know you the multitudes? Well, you were part of the multitudes. You were one of my Disciples. You were one I chose to be with me, to walk with me. In this day and time, you want others to share the journey with you, and I wanted that as well. You also wanted that, so you placed yourself in a geographic area where we could meet.

I chose you to walk with me. I chose you before you chose incarnation in that lifetime, as you do with a lot of your friends. You make agreements before you incarnate. You say, “I’m going to incarnate in such-and-such a country at such-and-such a time,” and even if you are not in the same location to begin with, you may trek to meet up once again.

Sometimes you come to a new country and wonder, “Why? Why did I come?” It was to join with friends you have known in other lifetimes, friends who are in love with you, and you want that feeling once again of being in love — not necessarily the romantic love (that is good too, because it takes you out of your small self), but the love that allows you to function in a place that says, “I am valuable. I have worth, and I am sharing that with my friends, with my true family.”