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Essences of Nature: Love the One You Are

Essences of Nature: Love the One You Are Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

It is natural to give and receive love, but much of the time, we make it so difficult and complicated that we miss the simple pleasure of allowing ourselves to be lovable. We can be drawn to a puppy or a soft stuffed animal and feel our hearts melt, but when we look in the mirror or at others, we feel the blocks and the judgments come up. We look at what is wrong, not what is right.

We have an impossible standard that hangs over our consciousnesses. And it doesn’t appear to work to our benefit. We might be consumed by the so-called imperfections we see in our faces, our bodies, or our loved ones. It doesn’t matter how mature we are; we still find our deficits. Now, some might say we are works in progress, and this is very true. However, how much time and attention and vitality do we expend not being who we are? How do we get comfortable in our skin?
To Cleanse and Let Go

Crab apple essence is for fussiness. We fuss about germs. We fuss about our hair. We fuss about our food. We don’t feel right until certain terms and conditions are met. We might obsess about cleanliness and perfection but don’t feel cleansed or purified. Our pursuit of purification leaves us feeling exhausted and rubbed raw.