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Essences of Nature: Politics of Emotion

Essences of Nature: Politics of Emotion Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are feeling creatures. We have sensory organs. We taste. We touch. We smell. We feel. We hear. We are subject to the spectrum from which we are sensing.

Some of us have great empathy, deeply feeling what others feel. Sometimes because we feel so deeply, we might blur the lines regarding what is “ours” and what is “theirs.” Sometimes our senses are numbed so much that we forget how to feel. Our feelings become dulled, and our responses become inhibited or stifled.

How do we negotiate our feelings? What is true for us? What is true for others? Does what we feel make sense? Or does what we feel have the limitations of our perceptions or our point of view? How do we make sense of what we sense?

Pink Yarrow for Clear Emotional Boundaries