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Benevolent Outcomes: Experience Life the Gentle Way

Benevolent Outcomes: Experience Life the Gentle Way Tom T. Moore

Summertime is vacation time! Want to make your vacation the best ever? Request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) every step of the way. If you’re planning to fly, request MBOs for getting to and from the airport, parking, checking and claiming your luggage, making it through security, stowing your carry-on, finding good seat mates, experiencing no aircraft or rental car delays, and so on. The earlier you request all these things, the easier your trip will be.

I start requesting MBOs as much as a month before. I also request great weather. On a recent weekend trip, it had been raining several days in a row each week. So we requested good weather a month out, and it was perfect! Here are more stories sent to me during the past month, including benevolent prayers (BPs) that you say for others.

Travel Near and Far

Diane writes: This morning as I was requesting an MBO, I started to wonder whether the following would be appropriate. I request an MBO for driving every morning before I leave the house to be safe and to get a good parking space. But this morning, I requested this for the week ahead. I would still request an MBO each day, but by requesting one for the week ahead of driving and parking, is that helpful? Can you request an MBO for the future?