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Life Transitions

Life Transitions Rainbow Walker through Matthew Douglas

Does the unknown scare you enough that you settle with the life you have instead of moving forward to the life you desire? Transitions in life are those times on your path when decisions bring more decisions, affecting more decisions and so forth. Surrounding these decisions are emotions of uncertainty: "Which choice should I make? Which way should I go? Am I doing the right thing?"

These emotions do not change your destination or the certainty of where you want to go. It is just the uncertainty of how to get there that causes havoc. This is a quandary. Having uncertainty shakes the faith you must have to make the right decisions, but rather than fighting the emotions, you should allow them to flow freely.

Transitions are a time when everything is moving at high speed and nothing seems solid. In order for your path to move forward, this must be so. It is much like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle, perhaps while under pressure of someone standing over your shoulder. It may very well seem this way, at least figuratively speaking.