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Essences of Nature: Who Said?

Essences of Nature: Who Said? Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Who said we weren't smart enough? Who said we weren't good enough? Who said we weren't young, old, skinny, fat, talented, or creative enough? Who said our window of opportunity has closed? Who said that if we didn't make it by the time we were thirty, then we would never be rich, famous, or fabulous?

We all have a list of our own limiting beliefs. Some of us know them intimately while others of us are ruled by our far-reaching hold. Many times, as smart and aware as we are, we don't put together how we have these unconscious patterns of belief at work. We succumb to an imaginary authority of how we can and cannot do and be all the things we want to do and be. What model of success or failure are we continuing to serve?

Buttercup Essence for Significance

Buttercup essence is our "standing in the shadows" essence. We don't believe, and we don't belong. Try as we might, we either don't measure up or don't fit. We feel different — but not in a good way. This buttercup state of mind feels as if we didn't get the joke, or we don't speak the same language. What we know or feel seems so foreign and alien to how others are participating around us.