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Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, now that you are halfway through this year, you will have experienced some of what we have spoken of previously — that this is a year of change. This year is going to be a year when you are sometimes going to hold on to the reins and ride all of the changes at top speed; other times you will go at a slower pace. But for the most part, it is going to be a year when you are going to bless everything with your light and your knowing that everything is changing, because you have decreed that you want to know heaven on earth. You want to know oneness with the brothers and sisters, and you want for them to know oneness.

Take Off Your Blinders

Your news media is very, very good at giving you the progress report of how divisive all the brothers and sisters can be with each other. But beyond that, there are many prayers being offered up, many prayers some are living within that seek peace and put out the intention for peace. So when you listen to your news media, you can say, "Yes, that is the appearance, but I know that there's more than that happening. I know that this has divine purpose," because it does — even if it does not appear to.

Your news media loves to play up the drama. It is what they receive the golden coins for, and more important to them than the golden coins is the fact that they feel powerful because they are the ones deciding what they are going to put in front of you. So you look at it. You do not deny appearances. I told this to my disciples when they asked how to do healing. I said, "First of all, you acknowledge the appearance. Then you look beyond what seemingly is unhealed or unholy and you see the person, or situation, in holiness." You allow yourself to be aware.