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Share and Live This Summer Harvest

Share and Live This Summer Harvest Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My beloved children, notice how Mother Earth is replenishing her bounty as the summer unfolds. It is time to partake of delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables that are lovingly cared for by your local farmers who keep ongoing communion with her. Support your local farmers and their markets as much as you can. Your quality of life and well-being depend on it. Also, your financial support makes the difference in allowing these caring food producers to go on doing what they feel passionate about.

Slow, nourishing food is the hallmark of your evolutionary life. In order to make the remarkable changes in your DNA and cellular structure through Spirit, it is vital for you to maintain and heal your temple with the best food available. Make sure to grow and buy foods that are biodynamic, organic, and not fertilized with chemicals.

How you eat and maintain your body affects your way of life. Too many people are suffering from the negative effects of eating processed foods, which possess no substantial nutrients for healthy growth and development. Take note how many poor people and people of color do not have access to adequate nutritious fruits and vegetables in their neighborhoods. There is a vicious pattern to this lack of essential resources in places where it means life or death. Too many people in a rush buy a quick fast-food meal at Wendy's, McDonald's, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Over time, they have acquired health problems because of their unhealthy food choices. The food tastes good, but it lacks the personal care and preparation with healthy ingredients that each of you requires.