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Moving into Light Consciousness

Moving into Light Consciousness Jeshua ben Jospeh (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, I speak with you now about moving into light consciousness, the expanded consciousness where you take yourself lightly. I would ask of you, for the most part, do you live your life lightly or heavily? Most likely, you will find that some of the time you live your life lightly. Other times there are issues that really get to you. The voice of the world tells you that life is a struggle. It is full of challenge. And no matter how you come up over one challenge, there will always be another obstacle on the horizon for you.

However, as you use a bit of discipline to choose to look at things lightly, it gets easier to see the light in every occurrence. And the converse of that is true: As you focus on what is wrong in life, there seems to be more and more wrong. You have a saying in your world: "Misery likes company." Misery will attract its own, but lightness also attracts its own.

In truth, you and the brothers and sisters — the collective consciousness — are moving into light consciousness. Also, our holy Mother Earth is evolving, making changes as the lightbeing she is.