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Seeing through the Eyes of a Child

Seeing through the Eyes of a Child Mother Mary through Judith Coates

Gentle ones, blessed ones, children of the most high, I would speak with you about the nature of mother. My son, the one you have known as Jeshua, or Jesus, has often spoken with the terminology of patriarchy, of the Father. But in this day and time, you are moving beyond what you would see as the restricted definition of father. The one Creator is, in truth, genderless.

Pushing the Boundaries of the Human Family

In the process of becoming aware of your holiness, you have often chosen the experience of motherhood or fatherhood on this plane because you have desired to know all, and you have desired to know love. The little ones offer you great opportunity to know and to extend love. They will sandpaper the rough spots from you, and you will do the same for them. For indeed, the little ones come as great masters. But they also come with their own rough edges, their own desires for completion of certain aspects, and they say to you, "Here I am. Have fun with me. Sandpaper me." And you do. It is very much a process of mellowing.

Look deeply into the eyes of the little ones and see the light, for each one has come with a remembrance of the light. The little ones who have come to you are wondrous angels in disguise. They have come to you because you have asked them to be your companions. You have asked them to push out the boundaries of what you have thought human family was all about. And they have come because they know that you have great strength to guide them. They ask of you to give them certain structure within which they can grow. It was the same with Jeshua.