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Here and Now, You Matter

Here and Now, You Matter Michel through David Reid Lowell

So many people have been abandoned and discarded, but there is no such thing as a disposable person. Each person matters and is a significant part of life, as we are all each other's caretakers. People have grown distant, families have fragmented, and each person struggles with finding a sense of belonging.

Real Life Communities Are Disappearing

As you move further in to the period of 2012 through 2014, you will see a shift and change in socialization. Newer generations are building cybersocieties. Where once people knew one another at the local store and chattered at the local lunch counter, they are now building cybersocieties where they can have these types of relationships.

We have said and taught that your life is about connections, relationships, and interpersonal connections. People network. They once networked by visually sizing each other up. They may have networked based on their neighborhoods or by raising their children and taking them to the same playgrounds. People are engaging in similar activities through cybercommunities, except that their networks are now based in ideologies and patterns of interests.