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Transition into Your “In-lightened” Self

Transition into Your “In-lightened” Self Archangel Metatron through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved one, I am Metatron. I speak to you this day as an emissary, one who carries a message for those choosing to receive it. The journey you are on is littered with difficulties, small and large. In your love, you chose to take on these challenges to your inner well-being, knowing that your light is strong enough to counter them. Despite what the world around you says about dangers and trials, that is not a world you choose to participate with.

As a lightworker and starseed, you came to the Earth plane to be a peaceful presence. You came to offer your love in service to the Creator Force in ways that please you. This service, this active agreement, is now shifting your reality toward a world many would find much more agreeable in every way