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You Are the Incarnating Truth

You Are the Incarnating Truth Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to speak with you concerning this day. You see, my dears, as human spirit beings, there is a tendency to project into the future and to actually reside there for most of the day. Planning is natural, of course, yet there is denial of the present day, and even the present moment, as the possibilities of the future seem to call to us all. What can we do about that? Here’s the answer: You probably think I am going to talk about residing in the moment, and perhaps I will after a little bit. But first I want to speak about who you are and how your knowing of who you are can affect your current journey, your journey within the day, each day.

You see, as the spirit of you resides incarnate, it resides within that humanness and the physical body. That is what allows you to be incarnate. Now, the human being needs something for its journey. What is it? Well, it needs something that will experience its journey, and that is the persona, or personality. The human, your human beingness, has developed an identity, and that identity journeys forth. What is the truth about this identity? Oh, you are going to love this!

Your identity isn’t real. You see, the real you is the essence that resides within that vessel. Remember, the personality is the vessel for the human’s journey, but the human is your vessel. Do you see? As you go forth on your journey, you are tempted again and again to relate to the journey through the personality. That’s not a crime, yet there comes that moment when you recognize that you are much more. You recognize that your personality has wants and needs as it tries to make itself what the external world deems is necessary. But you are the life force. You are the essence of being — the divine essence — and you reside incarnate for one purpose: to consciously awaken to this truth while incarnate. This means that you are incarnating truth, which becomes part of the grand awakening of all beings.