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The Voice of Spirit Is Calling

The Voice of Spirit Is Calling Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, as more dear souls awaken to the nudging of spirit, it is time to review some of the fundamental teachings of expanded consciousness. Even those of you who have been on the path of ascension for many years sometimes need a refresher course in some of the critical steps in attaining self-mastery. This review is a critical phase for humanity, and many of you are feeling the ascension symptoms that accompany these life-altering changes.

As the light cells of God consciousness infiltrate more deeply into the physical structure, the membranes of light surrounding the DNA begin to dissolve. As part of this subuniversal experience, this was programmed into the Adam/Eve Kadmon lightbody blueprint so that the activation of the DNA strands would take place two at a time.

The DNA strands are attuned to the different dimensional levels. The two strands that are now available and active in the physical vessel are attuned to the first-, second-, and third-dimensional levels. As you sank into the density of the lower dimensions, two by two, your DNA strands were encased in membranes of light and placed in reserve until the time you were ready to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions of light.