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Resolve Polarities in Collective Consciousness

Resolve Polarities in Collective Consciousness The 144000 through Kenton David Bell

We encompass many ascended masters. We are here, monitoring the ascension process on planet Earth. In different places on the planet, the veil is thinner or thicker, depending on where you are. The host happens to live in Sedona, Arizona, where the veil is thinner. The people living in this area are more open to this type of experience, which also allows the veil to be thin. People in Sedona experience less strife in the ascension process than those in highly populated metropolitan areas.

When you put oil and water in a jar and shake it up, the substances do not want to mix. A lot of that is happening on the planet at this time, especially in more densely populated areas where human consciousness is still trying to slough off, work out, and resolve from this past program. This is especially the case in the United States.

Human judgment keeps oil separate from water. These are not pure forms of consciousness; these are cogs. These levels of consciousness have fallen down, dimensionally speaking, through the mental energies and are dualistic in nature. Duality or division? You could say it is like the brain is split into one and another hemisphere — as is your consciousness in certain aspects of the collective!