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More Powerful Shifts Are Yet to Come

More Powerful Shifts Are Yet to Come Donna Taylor

It has been said that the star of Bethlehem was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps this is why these two planets, when joined at the hip, have been regarded as an auspicious omen throughout the centuries. This might seem odd, since Saturn and Jupiter are opposites by nature. Saturn is cold and restrictive, and Jupiter is warm and expansive. Saturn is practical and realistic, and Jupiter suffers from overoptimism and a tendency to run before it can walk. Saturn governs the material plane (all things physical), and Jupiter governs all things spiritual and religious. But when these two get together, wonderful things can happen. As many successful partners know, opposites can make productive teams.

As Jupiter and Saturn form their conjunction in Aquarius, we can expect something productive — and possibly rather special — to come out of it. We can expect new beginnings, socially and politically. What emerges will likely be positive although that might not be initially obvious. Starting this month and continuing through the year, Uranus squares the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, suggesting that changes won’t take place without some rebellion, discord, or chaos. Uranus and Saturn do not get along, but at least Saturn is in the sign that Uranus rules, so that should bring some element of compromise. Social unrest, protests, rebellions, and the chaos that marked 2020, are likely to continue.

Remember that collapse and breakdown are necessary before a new society can be built; this time could be seen as a monumental awakening of humanity. And let’s not forget that this is also the final year Pluto spends in Capricorn. The power the elite has held is coming to an end, and this year should bring further collapses of patriarchal, ego-based systems.