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Mastery, Truth, Revelation, and Wholeness

Mastery, Truth, Revelation, and Wholeness Kira Raa

The ascended numerology for January initiates the cycle that is 2021. The number 2021 is the energy of 5 plus the infinite — the eternal life that pulses through you, coming forward with ever-greater clarity and presence. It clearly calls you to pay attention to the robust and unique cycle ahead. The year 2021 is filled with truth and the availability to claim greater mastery through wholeness. This entire year will bombard your fifth chakra and thereby your truth. What is true? What is the truth? These answers always lie within, and the universe shows you how to stay centered. The secret is to remember your divine nature as you navigate everything.

This is truly a dispensation. The year 2020 was all about the perfect balance experience — the moment to notice distraction and separation as the breakthrough for claiming inner harmony. Moving from 2020 into 2021 is now a full year of choice energy, and that can be challenging. The perfect energy balance of January is a gentle reminder that as you say yes to your truth and let go of doubts, you ignite the law of instantaneous manifestation to call forward everything in supportive balance. Yes, this is yours to claim, now.