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Manage the Small Things

Manage the Small Things Lynn Buess

January starts the year with immense emotional uncertainly and more social instability than ever. The U.S. national election created an unsettled mood across the nation. This month is about responsibility and care in a possibly chaotic and more disturbed world. Even more than last year, emotions will be polarized, intense, and tested.

It might be wise to have a supply of food and necessities on hand for shortages and power outages. The year could test feelings of unconditional love and compassion toward needy neighbors who are buying and stocking survival goods. Many will be challenged to stay centered and balanced amid the external forces of the Hegelian Dialectic that is trying, testing, and tearing at the heart of the masses. Almost every soul realizes this is a historic and cosmic time of definition and direction for all humanity.

If you are in a 1 personal year, you could experience much drama as the year commences, and by the end of the year, your life might have been considerably rearranged. You can alleviate some of the stress by improving your coping and survival skills. Big things are developing in the world around you, and it behooves you to seek reliable and trustworthy sources. Your sources and sphere of influence are vital to the increasing demand for your leadership in a confused world. You are learning to improve your listening sensors and to better recognize and follow good advice. Good judgment includes improving discernment. Your selection of associates will be important as time progresses.