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Join in the New Rhythms

Join in the New Rhythms Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

As the new year begins, the energies for January 2021 open with Mars in late Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter in early Aquarius, signaling a new direction born through harmony, connection, cooperation, and communication. Instead of reducing everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator — curbing creativity, opportunity, and expansion — the powerful, expansive destiny energies of balanced reciprocity rise within the self with all its facets and with Earth and all living on Earth.

A new alignment with the seasons, the cycles, and the flow, discovering new rhythms of self and Earth’s energies, brings portal opportunities for smooth change to occur. There is alignment with new rhythms, messages, and wisdom emerges from Gaia and Panden, the yin and yang spirits of Earth. Those open to receiving this guidance will discover shifts and changes that bring opportunity, abundance, and flow when heeded and acted on. For those resistant to aligning with their new rhythms and connecting them to their ideal grounding place on Earth, sudden and disruptive change will take place seemingly from outside sources to facilitate alignment.

As 2021 opens with a square between the avataric signs and paired planets/asteroids, with the Moon and Vulcanus in Leo, Uranus and Lilith in Taurus, and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, this is a time for truth, destiny, and a major reality check deep within the psyche and soul-hearts of all people. Resistance to truth and reality brings disappointment, loss, or tragedy. This resistance is shown through rose-colored glasses, positive thinking, wishful thinking, daydreaming, fantasy, or out-and-out rebellion. This projects fear, anger, and dissatisfaction with the necessity of seeing “what is so” in all its aspects and how it affects everyone.