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Intersection of Time

Intersection of Time Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I join you this day because your time has intersected again. You’re moving at an incredible pace. Although we know there are difficulties, it’s working. You experience challenges or energy rubs as you come back together. In effect, you live multidimensionally. You have one name over here, and over there, your name is similar but spelled differently or it’s entirely different. Your spirit has simultaneous experiences that imprint as a whole in the akashic records.

Humanity is at a tipping point. Large shifts of energy have put many of you into survival mode, and you can only see what is directly in front of you. Keep in mind that additional opportunities are further down the road, just out of sight. Anticipate them and allow them to be naturally drawn to you.

You might want to go back to the old ways, returning to the systems you knew before, but humanity has changed. Your work is to start adjusting to that change; however, some elements will seem to fall apart because they no longer work effectively at higher vibrations. This does not mean the intent was wrong; the energy rubs simply need to be worked out.