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Humans’ Free Will in Limited Awareness

Humans’ Free Will in Limited Awareness The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the first human souls who came to Earth. We guide and support humanity to function as cocreators with Gaia. We are aware of the challenges humans face in this world, the fourth world. This world is dominated by Earth’s elemental power, resulting in the need to feel safe by having things, such as money and wealth. You can see these challenges reflected in many ways in your society.

Another big challenge is the tendency to believe that you are “right.” Humans have the arrogance to think that their ideas are the only right ones. They are willing to fight and even kill to prove that they are right, and they see others with different ideas as wrong and even dangerous.

That raises a question: What makes people believe they are right and that ideas different from theirs are wrong? Thinking that you are right implies that you see reality in the “right” way. That results in a question that forms the theme of this interaction: What is reality?