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Human Energy Systems: Sexuality and Subtle Energies

Human Energy Systems: Sexuality and Subtle Energies Charles Shahar

When a couple engages in sexual intimacy, tremendous streams of energy pass between them. Their energy fields mingle and merge. Their chakras open and connect. Powerful bonding occurs on many levels. As they orgasm, their auric energy fields burst into multicolored hues with sparks and flashes of light emanating from their auras. It is like a fireworks display. It is not surprising that people see curlicues and stars when they climax.

Stroking and kissing can be great ways to initiate sexual activity. Aside from the seven major chakras, there are also lesser energy centers. These are usually implicated in sexual foreplay. There are small chakras in the lips, tongue, earlobes, nipples, tips of the penis and clitoris, anus, fingertips, palms, toes, knees, and middle of the feet. These chakras are stimulated when they are touched and stroked, and just as importantly, they stimulate the other person.

People often have insensitive sexual organs or nipples because these small chakras are blocked or closed; however, in the case of the sex organs, an inactive second chakra might also be involved. For women who have difficulty experiencing orgasm through the clitoris, the chakra in that organ might be weak or blocked. Women feel a more satisfying sexual experience when the chakra at the tip of the penis is dynamic and, in the case of oral sex, when the tongue chakra is vibrant.