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Heal Past Karma for Future Communication

Heal Past Karma for Future Communication The Peacemakers: Alexander and Johosephat through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

You are still going through a rather traumatic time. The aftermath of the American election continues, and terrorist attacks by Muslim fanatics have shaken France. These disturbances suggest that past karma has not been resolved in a balanced way. Some people certainly don’t like being ignored, so they seek to control others and thereby feel secure. They fear letting go and facing the energies that arise from doing so. Now there is a real opportunity to take grounded steps forward that will address the fundamental issues building up and dogging humanity in recent years. These are the economic, ecological, and world population problems that require integrated solutions.

Coherent structures need to be created that will provide a new forum for people to speak freely and move away from a hierarchal class system and toward a network of cooperative relationships. Of course, there will still be conflicts underlying these relationships but, with openness, these can be transformed and balanced.

You cannot stride into the future unimpeded by resistances, but once you start to take small, secure steps to work through them, progress will certainly be made. Too often recently, individuals and groups have rushed forward and have been met with overwhelming resistance.