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Have Faith and Live the Light

Have Faith and Live the Light Metatron and the Wisdom of Creation and the Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

Metatron and the Wisdom of Creation: The opening and flow of light into the world on December 21 was unprecedented, as Creation was primed for the Genesis force that expands the dimensions and affirms the oneness of reality. You have been asked to have faith in this process. Do not waver from the power of faith.

As this light was received in the world, there was an implosion of energy and a massive disruption of fields of resistance that have not accepted the light or the authority and loving presence of God. Now is the time of prophecy. It is time for the massive force of God’s presence — of the holy divinity of oneness and the wisdom of All That Is — to manifest as the powerful force of authority in the world. This is the authority of the living God that demands change and requires that all who have received the light be true to the light with compassion and love.

The authority of God’s holy presence in the world is like a voice in the wilderness that echoes through the canyons with such strength and power that it cracks the canyon walls, and rocks crumble into dust. Anything in the canyon that was loose or unstable crumbles. Mountains bow down and oceans rise with a tumultuous force unknown in human history. Earth trembles with the power.