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The Empath’s Portal: Your Second Awakening Is Now

The Empath’s Portal: Your Second Awakening Is Now The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Your life will change dramatically this year. The empath’s second wave of awakening aligns with the new light frequencies bathing Earth from the galaxy’s center. You will make a positive impact on humanity this year. Your transparent radiance will shine to the degree that you align authentically with your truth and open to the love within and around you.

Your path to a full and joyful life is opening now. The first wave of empathic awakening over the past ten years has allowed you to know yourself as an empath. Until now, you were in a troubled slumber, tossing and turning in your dreams and yearning to awaken and express your healing wisdom. You were incubating in a gestational stage that allowed your heightened consciousness to integrate with your body. It’s not easy for your current physical consciousness to integrate higher frequencies; it’s much easier to do it in a stasis state where your personality can’t resist it.

I know this was not comfortable for you; the state of becoming means everything is unknown. You can’t know who you are becoming because you are processing the changes now. You have been in a state of continuous spiritual growth as your body has adjusted to full-spectrum consciousness. This process had to happen outside the womb to receive the codes directly from Mother Earth and Father Sun. Your spiritual body followed a planned timeline to coincide with the new-paradigm consciousness to awaken humanity. It is your time to shine.