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The Cosmology of the Universes

The Cosmology of the Universes Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Time is not what you think it is. For you it is linear, but for us it is all at once. There is no difference between you, right now, and you a thousand years ago in another body. We see your soul, and that is the “you” we know. We know your name, and it’s the name we sing in light, because the you we know is your eternal soul.

You are each part of a family that is so much larger than the one you think you are a part of, and I want to tell a story about that. It’s going to be the story of you, but it’s not one you’d expect and not one I’ve necessarily told in this fashion before. It’s a grand story that stands alone in its purity, truth, and accuracy, but most scientists won’t agree.

If you want to know about beginnings, you’re not in luck today, because there aren’t any! Humanity and Humans in general cannot conceive of this premise. The term “no beginning and no end” sounds fine for a meditation but not for an actual reality. This term is totally accurate in all ways, but the perception of its reality does not exist.