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Come Out of the Spin Cycle

Come Out of the Spin Cycle The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

For years now, your life has been invaded by lethal amounts of human hatred and civil unrest to the point your physical existence feels unsafe. This has caused you to retreat to your homes and restrict contact with family, friends, and coworkers. Survival instincts have been on high alert for so long that fear has become an underlying groundwork of your everyday life.

The fear of the [COVID-19] pandemic has been playing out in conjunction with massive social and political upheaval. For many people, it seems that the very foundations of society have vanished. Know this: When people succumb to runaway fear, they are left mentally, emotionally, and spiritually helpless to deal wisely and constructively with the chaotic changes of the times.

As with every experience in duality, there is always the side of light and an apparent side of darkness. Look at it this way: Your world has been thrown into a situation where not being in physical contact with many of your loved ones has become a way of life. A lot of people are afraid that any new virus that comes along could make getting COVID-19 even riskier. The people who live in fear are many, and because they fear so much, they venture outside their homes as seldom as possible, mainly to buy groceries and go to doctors’ appointments. This type of person always wears a durable and safe face mask and keeps more than 6 feet of distance from others when outside the home.