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Cocreate with the Creator

Cocreate with the Creator Lord Melchizedek through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beacons of light. I am Lord Melchizedek, and it is an honor to be in your presence. As you move into the year that you label 2021, I wish to offer some insights on where to place your attention and to help you understand what the energies are encouraging you to experience and embody. The Creator constantly expresses and transfers vibrations of light, inspiration, wisdom, and enlightenment into your being to support your progress through ascension and, in fact, create the ascension process.

The vibrations and frequencies the Creator shares change and transform. When we take a period of time, such as a year, it is easy for us to express the energies that will have an impact on your being. These include what you will be guided to experience and how you can benefit from the energies and ascension process you automatically move through, whether you understand the process or not. This is the same for every being. It is much easier to move through the ascension process when you have some insight and understanding.

For the journey of 2021, I encourage you to remember your experiences as you move through them, as the energies encourage you to gaze deeper into your being than ever before. This can be challenging, uncomfortable, inspirational, and empowering. Gazing so deeply — really focusing and concentrating your attention on the vibration, the constant pulsation of truth that moves within you — filters into your body, your auric field, and your reality. Notice the pulse and energy of truth waiting to emerge and already flowing.