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Cleanse Your Energy Field during Planetary Events

Cleanse Your Energy Field during Planetary Events Juliano through, The Arcturians through, Juliano and the Arcturians and Helio-ah through David K. Miller

Juliano: Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! This is a time of tremendous planetary crisis. You are sensitive starseeds, and many of you are empaths, which means you are extremely sensitive to the pain and suffering occurring. It has been traumatic to be on this planet during this huge crisis. However, because of the crisis, there is an opportunity for change, for Earth as well as other planetary systems.

Change occurs in the evolutionary pattern during a planetary crisis. When everything is in homeostasis, there is no need for change, because there continues to be balance and harmony. From the planet’s perspective, that means the feedback loop system and the self-regulating system of the planet do not need to change. However, now you are in a situation where Earth (we also refer to the spirit of Mother Earth as Gaia) is not able to keep up with the self-regulation process necessary to maintain homeostasis.

The planet is not in balance right now. This balance includes maintaining the proper atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, the proper oxygen and nitrogen composition, the proper radiation levels, and the proper levels of hidden forces unknown to humanity. These hidden forces contribute to the necessary planetary regulation on a deeper level. The planetary regulation system is overburdened, and Mother Earth is struggling to hold the balance.