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Celebrate the Rise of Freedom

Celebrate the Rise of Freedom Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

“What do I want?” You have really only considered this within the constraints of what you believed you could have. And please don’t blame yourself for that. You were told in so many ways what you could not have and what the constraints were. That was so clear, right?

Don’t fault yourself for this habit of belief. That record groove runs so deeply about what you can’t have. But we’re telling you to consider, because from an angelic perspective this is our truth for you, that you now have full, unlimited creative potential in your world. For those of you who are big thinkers, you might want to start big with this — really, phenomenally, impossibly big. For those of you who love details, you might want to start small with this: “Okay, well, what’s one thing I’d like to change in my life? Let’s test this out and see.” Either way, how you create is up to you, as is how slow or fast you get into this.

Our role — our angelic role — is just to let you know your potential is there. Freedom is there, and you are a beautiful, unlimited creator being. You share planes of existence — overlapping planes of existence and also overlapping realities — with other living beings: animals, humans, and plants. You get to decide how many people to cocreate with or whether you just want to have your own universe for a while, because you’re tired of being told what to do by anyone, even a child.