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Carving a Path of Peace in Tumultuous Times

Carving a Path of Peace in Tumultuous Times Phyllis Light

The winds of change blow hard on us all, but whether we are blown over and wiped out or stand strong depends on how connected we are to our deepest inner selves. As the willow is flexible and bends with the wind, we must remain flexible and flow with the changes life brings. Any place inside us that wants to remain rigid and unchanging makes us like the mighty oak, which can more easily break in a strong wind. Whether you bend or break during these times is up to you at the deepest levels of your being.

How do you connect with your deepest inner self? Start by telling the truth — to yourself and to others. You might be surprised by what comes out of your mouth when you commit to doing this, but this is the best place to start. In telling the truth, you become freer to be who you really are even if you don’t yet know who that is. You become more connected to your deepest inner self as you continue to be as authentic as you can be with yourself and those around you.

The more you act out of “should” and “ought to,” the more you distance yourself from your true nature. Ponder this: Who told you that you “should” or “ought to” behave in certain ways? What beliefs guide your life right now that you have taken on from others?