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Ask Sara: Your Gifts and Talents Always Matter

Ask Sara: Your Gifts and Talents Always Matter Sara Wiseman

I tend to stop myself when I want to share my artistry and put it up for sale. I begin to ask myself, “Who do I think I am to ask people to purchase my art when the world is in such turmoil?” I am in such a stuck place. I don’t feel worthy at all!
— Kara

Sara: It is time to free yourself from the misbelief that what is creative, intuitive, artistic, quirky, unique, or imaginal is less worthy than what is rational, linear, practical, or mainstream. When you understand that your unique artistry is as important for the collective soul as anything practical — say, what a plumber does or what a banker does — then you understand how deeply your contribution is needed.

We each have talents and gifts — unique ways of seeing and expressing how we perceive the world. Often the people who see things differently have the most to offer the world. Mainstream society gives us the misbelief that in order to be successful, we have to do things a certain way. In truth, it is our uniqueness that is really valuable.