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Ask the Angels: The Bliss of Heaven

Ask the Angels: The Bliss of Heaven the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Is there sex in heaven? Do we have physical sexual parts after we die?
— email question

From the angels: Oh, yes, souls merge in all ways and in all blissfulness as two souls unite as one. The physical organs are the same as on Earth. The physical-body image is exactly like the human body on Earth, but the soul resides in the heavens, and the love exchanged is mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical in expression. When a male and a female merge in all ways in the heavens, the souls integrate and one feels what the other soul feels. This merging is not duplicated on Earth.

The ecstasy between the two souls in the heavens is an experience beyond anything you can imagine. It is an expression of the deepest emotional feelings unhampered by Earth’s pull or the heaviness of human bodies. This physical merging of souls is the purest, tenderest love.