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All Matter Is of Essence

All Matter Is of Essence The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum masters, from flatline to flash point in one drop of essence you go. Through the lens of the heart of creation in the biophysics of life, all that creation really cares about is experiencing your essence heart with and through you. Only essence matters, and all matter is of essence. Hence in 2021, most of you will be expanding, essence-refining, stretching, and adapting to live in higher octaves and vibrations of the heart’s essence light vessel.

While living embodied as your divine essence, you will experience and pioneer its effects on materiality, manifestation, and matter biologics. This includes being the essence of everywhere and everything. You will come to know how adaptable your light vehicle is and how it experiences and becomes its own new living matter.

Most of you will be surprised to find that it is the trillions of new essence meta-senses that passion the heart’s lightship vessel. Creation always follows the particle excitement in its blueprint codes. It loves to experience the consciousness and presence of its All That Is through its creations. You also have blueprint source-DNA codes to complete this universal creation, and within that, you have unique codes for your soul-spirit’s divine presence to fulfill. To simplify, these are based on a composite of each soul’s evolution (or heart’s fulfillment of potentials) and the soul’s light factor quotients.