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Access Living Light Spirit of Joy through Rae Chandran

Hello, brothers and sisters. I am Spirit of Joy, a jade skull. My origin is ancient. I come from the world of shapes and forms. There are millions of planets in this universe, and most of them have energy in different forms. In the world I come from, life is in the form of shapes, and some are skull structures.

We, the skull structures, have definitive roles, and my primary role is to be the holder of joy and happiness. My secondary role is as a recordkeeper, for I am a custodian of the wealth of knowledge and wisdom contained within the book of records. It is a light library where everything pulses with life energy.

One can access this living light to know Earth’s entire history. There were many life forms on the planet who left after completing their life plans. The same goes for the animal and the plant kingdoms. Everything has a life plan for its evolution and then its disintegration, rejoining with the very elements from which it was created. This is the process of life itself. Knowing what went before, what happened in a previous lifetime, can support the present lifetime.