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Commit to the Highest Good

Commit to the Highest Good Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, I feel the love and light moving through your beings as you grow more committed to becoming clear conduits of the Divine. To see you totally surrendering to the mystery and the knowing that you will be fully protected and safe is heartwarming and a blessing.

Your joy and exuberance in choosing your committed calling is expanding your consciousness and awareness. How you serve will be shaped by this expanding wisdom and power, which you are accessing through the Divine. Your power animals are also committed to seeing you through with their guardianship and guidance.

Know that as you surrender to the light and love, you are filled with their power and sustenance. I will always be with you, standing by your side, helping you in every way that I am called by you. You act as my conduit on Mother Earth, and I am grateful that you are serving the Divine energy in this powerful way.