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Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs for Many Occasions

Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs for Many Occasions Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: We recently had some drama at our house. We kept our grandbaby Brynna for a Sunday afternoon. When our daughter came to pick her up, she left the car unlocked and the key in the ignition to keep the air conditioning going. She also left her two large dogs in the car, who got excited when they saw a neighbor’s dog. In their excitement, they locked the doors of the car.

As soon as I requested an MBO to get the doors open, I recalled that a device known as a slim jim tool can open a car door. We first called the police, and three police cars arrived, but they did not have one. They called the fire department, and a fire truck arrived with five guys. They had a metal rod and a wedge.

It took another ten or more minutes, as it was difficult to reach the lock coming in from the corner of the door, but they finally got it open. Yay for MBOs and first responders! I didn’t have to call a locksmith and pay a Sunday overtime house call.