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2020 Is a Game-Changer

2020 Is a Game-Changer The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Are you here as a volunteer? Did you become trapped in the matrix after the fall of Atlantis, Lemuria, or Venus? Are you a founder of Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Sumer? Were you the first human prototype to walk across the Serengeti? Did you seek refuge here from Lyra or Orion? Or did you fall in the angelic wars? Whether you are here to redeem yourself or are among one of the waves of volunteers here to assist in the redemption of this planet, don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the veil at this crucial time.

Imagine as a child what it would have been like to receive a letter from you as an adult, offering words of comfort and encouragement about the future and outlining the pitfalls you might choose to avoid. This is how we speak to you today. We are you! We are the ascended human collective.

We would like to appeal to those of you who are consciously aware and pursuing an ascension path, actively striving to attain a vibrational/dimensional shift into new realities. Many of you have touched the future in your dreams and meditations, and you can sense your highest potential because, on one timeline, you have already achieved it. You are aware because we are reaching back across time and space to connect with you, guide you, and whisper, “This way,” in your ear. We shine a light on the most benevolent path for you. But in these volatile times of change, our communications are being deliberately scrambled, and we sense your frustration as you feel boxed in and unable to break through.