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Manifest Your Desires Awake in the Fourth Light

Manifest Your Desires Awake in the Fourth Light The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved hearts. We are the Council of Transition in collective focus this day. Our love is with you.

Celebrating in these times of great upheaval and turmoil might seem contrary to the state of your reality. Things are not as they appear. Much has been and is still being accomplished by the day in your night journeys, and many have come to assist you to return your planet to harmonious circumstances.

We have come to show this to you through the pictures we make together with these words. We ask you to envisage with us now a circumstance in your life that you would choose to become harmonious. Feel the peace of love with the freedom it offers for you to be entirely your innermost self. As you find this image, there might be many parts, or it is simple. It does not matter.