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Foster Positive Citizenship Ideals

Foster Positive Citizenship Ideals Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, I notice how you are struggling in the world to bring forth your values and ideals of goodness, integrity, and justice. You are coming together in large numbers to make tremendous changes through your peaceful protests and voting for political candidates who will truly represent you.

Know that you are making important inroads and effecting powerful, positive changes with sweeping aftereffects. By standing up to the status quo and power, you find that you can do something together with significant results to better life. Allow the deepest part of you, which resonates with the Divine, to guide you and lead you.

You are already bringing about phenomenal progress as you question authority and reveal rampant corruption, deception, and violation of basic human rights. You are emphatically saying that you have endured enough injustice, discrimination, and hypocrisy to work to transform the broken, evil system.