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Essences of Nature: From Had Enough to Being Enough

Essences of Nature: From Had Enough to Being Enough Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Let us make a shift this year. Let us take a long, hard look at what we have been focusing on. How have we obsessed about our fears and of what may or may not happen? Have we focused on all the missteps and misdeeds of what can go wrong? Have we compared and contrasted ourselves to where, how, and why we should be where we are in our lives?

What did we believe we signed up for? Where has that belief taken us thus far? How much have we twisted, turned, and transformed into what we think we need to be in order to get what we want? Are we still who we thought we were or want to be? Have we had enough? Are we enough?

For Dissolving the Illusion

Agrimony essence is our “perfect mask” essence. To the outside world, we appear as if everything is just fine. We are cheerful, personable, and gregarious, and we don’t seem to have a worry or conflict in the world. We let issues and insults flow past us. We do our best to maintain the status quo. This essence is the embodiment of “fake it until you make it”; however, we get stuck in the façade of having “made it.”