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Benevolent Outcomes: Keep Personal Interactions in Your Thoughts

Benevolent Outcomes: Keep Personal Interactions in Your Thoughts Tom T. Moore

When I leave home, I always request a most benevolent outcome (MBO) for each part of my drive or wherever I’m headed that day. I also request an MBO for interactions I will have with others. Just yesterday, my wife and I had a good business meeting with a man interested in beginning yoga classes. His wife has been diagnosed with dementia. We’ll be able to assist him with both. MBOs are specifically for you. For others, you say a benevolent prayer (BP).
Here is an MBO request that I had great success with. Last weekend we drove to the theater to see the Spider-Man movie. While on a two-lane frontage road, we came over a little rise, and right in front of us was a broken metal bin. I had requested an MBO for the drive to and from the theater, so I was able to swerve to avoid the bin.
After we turned on the street leading to the theater, I said, “I request a most benevolent outcome that a policeman finds the bin before someone hits it.” Not more than five seconds later, a police car appeared, driving out of the theater parking lot as we were getting in the turn lane. I quickly lowered the car window and flagged him down. I told him about the bin in the road, and he drove off to find it. That’s about as fast an answer to an MBO request as I’ve ever received!