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Weather, Earth Events, and Geopolitics in 2017

Weather, Earth Events, and Geopolitics in 2017 Gaia and Theo through Tom T. Moore

Tom: Whatever this year holds for us, we can make it better by requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) and saying benevolent prayers (BPs) for others.

Gaia: The Pacific Northwest will have lots of rain, as you might expect because it is normal for them, but the interior will see more snow than usual, and it will be colder not only in the interior but also in coastal cities from Canada to Northern California. You might say it is too much of a good thing. Southern California’s drought will continue throughout the year, and the fire season will easily be the same intensity as 2016 as I continue to burn off the old growth to prepare for new growth. That region will experience weather that is warm to hot and dry.

The desert Southwest will also have another fairly dry year, but it will not be quite as dry as Southern California. The region will have an almost normal monsoon season, but I am also renewing the forests there, so expect the fire season to be almost equal to that of California’s. There will be fires in areas that have not seen fires in some time.