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Grieve Your Loss, and Renew Your Spirit

Grieve Your Loss, and Renew Your Spirit Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I know you are grieving your losses. In this harsh wintertime, you have been required to let go of unhealthy habits, people, and circumstances that no longer serve your well-being. You are experiencing a significant symbolic death, and you need time and space to heal.

Know that you are loved and blessed by the healing energies during this challenging time. The winter wind howls bitterly and is cold against your temple and sanctuary space. Kindle the abundant fire that moves through you and connects you to the Divine. You will plant and grow the new seeds of your life within as the snow and ice cover Mother Earth.

On the beautifully still snowy days, walk outside and be present to the sacred life and any movement occurring all around you. You will experience winter’s creatures coming forth to seek food, shelter, and warmth. Go to nearby ponds, creeks, and rivers to see what life is still teeming in special ways.

Life is going through tumultuous shifts and changes throughout the universe. As the cosmos continues to expand, you will come in contact with new worlds and planets being created and becoming visible.