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Essences of Nature: How to Turn Buds into Blossoms

Essences of Nature: How to Turn Buds into Blossoms Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are works in progress getting stuck on the perfection of the illusive and enticing result. We need to use our goal to create a pathway but too often get stuck on how the pathway meets the goal. What if we trusted the goal and trusted the path? This was the message I received for this upcoming year. How do we navigate the need to know with having faith in the process?

We start with goals of great promise. We desire them. We know them. We see them. We feel them. We feel our goals, desires, and prospects blooming within us. At what point are the buds no longer viable, and then wither and blow away as if they never existed? How do we resurrect the dust of our dreams? How do we replant and restore so that our dreams can germinate, bud, and blossom?

January: Recharge with Aloe Vera

January reminds us that we all have a routine for beginning new projects or setting goals. We might not want to start or know how to start or even think we need to wait to start. Nonetheless, we have a biological imperative to begin anew. Aloe vera essence is our January essence. Traditionally this is the “burn the candle at both ends” essence. We use this remedy when we are burned out and bummed out.