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Continue to Walk with God

Continue to Walk with God Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Dear children of God, this is a powerful time for discernment and reflection on life on Mother Earth. There are discriminating and disruptive forces that want to tear at the very heart of humanity and its goodness. Continue to walk with God as you are guided to be children of the light.

God has been very powerful in determining my course, as I surrendered to him early in my earthly life so that I could be a catalyst for social change and justice. I was deeply disturbed by the suffering inflicted on others who were different. I always felt a deep kinship with my brothers and sisters of life.

Even today as I move in spirit, I work tirelessly on behalf of the children and animals who have been exploited and abused. I loved my animals and honored them for all that they provided me, including affection. I loved my goat, who was a constant companion and brought me joy in so many ways.