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Nourish Yourself during Harsh Winter Weather

Nourish Yourself during Harsh Winter Weather Mother of Light and Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I dwell with you as you walk the path of enlightenment and sound awareness. It is a time to travel within and discover truly what you are made of and what you want to be. Be present and watchful as you journey within to connect with your deepest self and All That Is.

The ascended masters are coming forth to those of you who resonate with this divine energy. Some of you may feel called to visit the sacred mountain of Mount Shasta to revitalize and open to your dream. Listen closely to what is emerging from deep inside you, and respond as your soul calls you.

The Hermit is also seeking those of you who want to study esoteric teachings to connect with him so that he can guide you to fulfill your destiny. Winter is the ideal time to be safe and warm in your sanctuary space, exploring the depths of your soul energy with the universe.