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Essences of Nature: Tune Your Soul with Self-Acceptance

Essences of Nature: Tune Your Soul with Self-Acceptance Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Twenty fifteen is the year for self-acceptance. Let's contemplate the concept, giving it a quick glance and embracing it. Self-acceptance seems to make sense and be straightforward. It is a pathway to believing in and, most importantly, accepting ourselves. This is the bare bones version of loving ourselves, but we may not make that connection viscerally. We can have difficulty with the self-love part, but to self-accept is still a major step forward.

This is the year to look in the mirror and observe every aspect of your appearance, personality, and character. When you start embracing what you see each day, you can find yourself closer to a more meaningful expression of your activated spirit and a deeper connection to the divine. Let your vibration change your life. Self-acceptance is the tuning fork for our souls.

January: Balance

January is our month for commitment. Elm and oak essences help us to get our minds right. They both work with senses of being overburdened and overwhelmed in very specific ways.